Contemporary Graphic Design

Especially, after the post-modern era and more specifically, after post-liberalization in India the scenario has greatly changed. A new philosophy has emerged that the desires are manufactured through a whirlwind of signs, symbols, metaphors, graphics, and all sorts of imagery. In addition to it, there are new tools and technologies of New Media that are highly effective and equally user-friendly. 

Due to these technologies, every individual feels that one can play with graphics, and as a fall out there is a new generation of graphic designers. Therefore there is a need for thorough training and sensitization towards design since such designers are everywhere and designing and developing print material as well as digital materials like multimedia CD ROMs and web sites. 

Contemporary philosophical thinking is highly appealing and therefore contemporary graphic designers should be aware of the consequences of their design decisions. All pervasiveness of new age philosophy could be evidenced not only in the more celebrated components of our daily routine needs such as designer wear or the sleek furnishing of an automobile to the various forms of promotional devices that rule our tastes in the name of choice through window displays of retail outlets to the random confrontation of hoarding posters and banners that our day to day existence,  and with them a certain lifestyle and philosophy of existence. 

Design penetrates to the more commonplace of our daily activities and social interactions from the gestures and postures we adopt in the public and the private. As a testimony to the present day society designs prominence as a tool, a tool in the production of ideology becomes more and more evident.

In the twenty-first century, we are faced with graver challenges, that have the potential of ending human occupation on earth and that is the specter of global warming and environmental degradation. This is caused by our indiscriminate use of natural resources that comes with a growing population and increasing energy consumption. It is a fallout of the industrial revolution bound with notions of progress and individual choices of freedom. How to stop this? How to stop nature from turning against us, threatening our very own existence?

Graphic design and designers have a responsibility towards society and the environment, Therefore, in this exercise, you will pick up social issues such as child labor, female foeticide, global warming, domestic violence, etc., and create posters. You will start by collecting information from both primary and secondary sources, make thumbnail sketches and translate the most powerful idea into the final design which should reflect your effort to bring a positive change in society.

For this, graphic design has to be more responsible, responsive to the surrounding environment, and sensitive to the ecological balance of the world. This brings us to one of the major challenges that graphic designers are facing at present — to design services, objects, and spaces that minimize energy consumption and harmful waste outputs. So optimizing materials and eco-friendly design become the new buzz word. The keywords become sustainability, recyclables, minimum energy consumption, and waste management. Instead of all-encompassing macro growth, we need to look into self-sufficient sustainable units.

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