Ammoniacum Dorema-Gum Ammoniac

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Gum Ammoniac
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Dorema ammoniacum
  • Ammoniac or gum ammoniac is a yellowish substance with a sickening, bitter taste, obtained from the milky exudate of the injured stem of a plant (Dorema ammoniacum) found in Iran. 
  • It is a gum resin, soluble in alcohol and ether. It is used in industry in the manufacture of porcelain cement and in medicine as an expectorant.
  • When gum ammoniac is distilled, it yields a liquid, oil of ammoniac.

Introduction: - 

Ammoniacum, or gum ammoniac, is a gum-resin exuded from the stem of the perennial herb Dorema ammoniacum of the umbel family (Apiaceae). The plant grows to the height of 2½ or 3 meters (8 or 9 ft.) and its whole stem is pervaded with a milky juice, which oozes out on an incision being made at any part. This juice quickly hardens into round tears, forming the "tear ammoniacum" of commerce. "Lump ammoniacum", the other form of the substance, consists of aggregations of tears, frequently incorporating fragments of the plant itself, as well as other foreign bodies.

Ammoniacum Dorema is a useful remedy for weak and old people. This medicine is used in cases of excessive coldness, mind upsetness, burning and scrapings in the neck and the pharynx. This is an effective drug for curing chronic bronchitis. 

Useful in different symptoms-

Symptoms related with the lungs: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from blocked greasy pus in the lungs, phlegm is coming out during cough, sleepiness due to cough, secretion of dilute or thick phlegm with cough during asthma and failure in phlegm secretion. The patient suffered from such symptoms should use Ammoniacum Dorema.

Symptoms of the Head: - Ammoniacum Dorema should be used for curing catarrh and headache due to blocked nose.

Symptoms related with the Eyes: -

Ammoniacum Dorema should be used in the cases of glaucoma, shining of fire rounds and stars in front of the eyes and feeling of excessive tiredness after study. 

Symptoms of the throat: -

Sometimes the patient suffers from throat dryness, aggravation of symptoms by inhaling due to entering cold air inside the body, feeling of throat fulfilling, throat burning and scratching, retention in the throat after taking meal, and the patient tries swallowing the entangled thing. Such symptoms are cured by using Ammoniacum Dorema.

Symptoms related to Respiration System: -

Ammoniacum Dorema is an excellent remedy in the cases of inhaling problems, aggravation in the symptoms in the winter, and excretion of thick, adhesive, and strict phlegm from the nose. 

Symptoms of the Heart: -

Ammoniacum Dorema proves effective medicine in the cases of catarrh with a fast heartbeat, aggravation of pulsation towards the stomach and rolling sound in the chest of old aged people.

Relation: -

Some properties of Ammoniacum Dorema can be compared with Bryonia and Arnica. This medicine can be also compared with Senega, Tatar-Ementi and Balsam Peru etc.

Dose: -

Ammoniacum Dorema should be used as the trituration of its 3rd potency for curing several diseases.

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