How do I get Adsense approval with a

If you want to monetize your blogger .com with google ad-sense then you have to buy a TLD domain. (top-level domain).

I don’t it possible or no but if you search on google many people will come to say that it not possible to get ad-sense approval on blog-spot. com, some say its possible whom you will believe.

But I can say its 50% chance to get and 50 % not why.

Open the blogger and you can see $ symbol where its giving option to apply from google ad sense write .. but here you may get confuse why because any user with tld domain can apply and non tld can also apply but the real facts we can knows after applying that my blog will get approval or not..

In this case the best answer is you can try after creating your blog.

your blog must get enough traffic on daily based

your blog must be have original and unique content

your blog must me attest 5–6 months old because post need time to index in searching.

if your topic on a trending topic and its viral on google its may get approval fast.. but its depend on your hard work.

Note: You will not get approval on a news website, event blogging, etc.

Now some negative side of the non-tld domain.

you can use your Google ad sense account for another website to monetize

you have to only use on the same blog that you are using now.

blog spot domain rank slows according to the TLD domain.

people don’t give much value to blog spot domain

your web address looks very bad to remember eg anildigital. com is easy to remember if you use blog spot domain its anildigital.blogspot. com so it very bad to remember and people can remember the long name..

the domain name must be under two-three words which is good to remember ..

Nowadays domains gets at cheap price from 300–499 you can purchase easily by saving from your pocket money …

but hosting cost a little be higher..

As simple as this sounds, these aspects are broad strokes to fulfill Google’s slightly vague requirements for Adsense approval.

On their site, they state:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Your site must be high-quality, original, and attract an audience
  3. Your content should comply with the Adsense Program policies

As straightforward as the above sounds, it can be really disappointing when you receive an email saying your application was rejected (if that’s the case, don’t worry because you can reapply).

So how do you get approved?

Have lots of quality content and make your site easy to use and navigate.

Whether you’ve been blogging for a while or starting one from scratch, it’s best if you write about something you’re interested in. To create content that gets a lot of views, figure out the behaviors of your target audience. What do they like to read and where do they consume that info? Go a step deeper and ask yourself why are they reading about it.

There are lots of tools to help gather these kinds of data. Check out Google Trends or Google Question Hub as free tools to see what people are asking. Paid tools like Ahrefs gives you detailed analysis on the exact keywords people are using and how often they’re searching for them.

Once you gather intel on your target audience, I’d recommend creating a content marketing strategy to schedule what you’re going to write and when you’ll do it.

You want readers to keep coming back to your site because you’re offering really valuable insight that can’t be found elsewhere. Generating new content regularly means you’ll develop a following of readers who will keep coming back, on top of attracting new visitors.

Building a growing source of traffic will take time so keep plugging away at it. But don’t forget to optimize your site for a positive user experience.

There are a lot of frameworks you can choose to build your blog on like Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps. If you’re not familiar with software or coding, you could outsource the work to a freelancer. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, your main aim is to make a visitor’s experience of using your site seamless.

If you’ve built up a lot of traffic, you then apply for private display ad networks like Mediavine and Adthrive for a significant boost in monthly net profit.

I always recommend content site owners to build their site with the mentality of selling it as a business, even if they never had the intention to begin with. Having this mindset helps you identify areas of weakness because you’re constantly putting yourself in a buyer’s shoes and asking yourself “why would I/wouldn’t I buy this site?”

From there you can make the necessary amendments.

I see Adsense sites on our marketplace at Empire Flippers make $10,000 in monthly net profit, which can lead to a really comfortable lifestyle. I’ve also seen Adsense sites sell for $200,000.

Let me share my experience of what I did and how you can do the same to get a Google Adsense account.

First, follow the rules and I will list them out below:

  • Google loves top-notch, high-quality content that is not copied, plagiarized, or copied from somewhere else.
  • Try as much as possible to make each blog post to range between 1000–2500 word count.
  • Each blog post should contain at least 2 videos, 3 videos, and one or two outside references that you link to.
  • Practise white hat backlinking in building dofollow quality backlinks to the blog. Have at least 15 dofollow quality backlinks.
  • You must have at least 40 unique blog posts
  • On your blog, make sure you have important pages showing at the footer clearly. These pages are contact pages, about page, privacy policy page, DMCA ( very important), terms of use, or service page. Make sure you have these pages.
  • And Finally, you need to be patient, you need to let your new blog mature before approaching Google for the Adsense account. Even when you have implemented the above points, wait for 5–6 months before approaching Google. Sometimes, Google needs a credible candidate before giving out a free Adsense Account.

A word is enough for the wise!!

No rubbish, To the point answer (I have been adsense seller)

How to get Google AdSense approved (Guide from AdSense Seller)

1. Buy a fresh domain
2. Post articles of words 800 (recommended)
3. Publish 10 (necessary) or 20 or as many as you can publish
4. Create a new gmail account similar with domain name. If your domain is then email address should be like this:
5. Use fresh phone number for verification that never been used for verification
6. Add compulsory pages i.e About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
7. Apply from IP that never been used for approval (Clear Cookies, History and change MAC Address)
8. Publish articles and Ready your site within in 24 hours
9. No traffic required
10. Choose simple theme (easy to navigate)

Apply using an email that we created in step 4.

No matter India, Pakistan or US, UK address, You'll get the welcome email in 24 hours.

Don’t forget to add your site in Google Search Console.

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